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Hello everyone,

I am Sherbaz Mohamed and my friends call me Sheru, But I call myself Sher (To motivate myself 😉 ). From childhood, I use to wonder how these computers function. Elders made me believe it worked with electron motion around circuits (I imagined a Formula 1 circuit here). Adding to my luck, a new shop opened near my home selling electronic components like resistors, diodes, transistors etc. Started spending all my savings on those items.

The shopkeeper became my friend and helped me understand the basics of each component and with whose help, I built my first hobby circuit, “A musical door bell”. I was so surprised seeing the music coming out of UM66 chip which was just a bead sized. Continued building several hobby projects at home, but still couldn’t understand the concept completely. This made me opt for Science group in my pre-degree.

Physics became my favourite subject. Possibly because of my physics teacher who took me along into his dream world of physics where I started feeling all kinds of physical powers and met the great scientist Newton and James Watt was my best friend. Einstein never talked with me. He was busy deriving new solutions and discoveries.

To be continued… 🙂


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  1. Its amazing for me to know about a person who is my name fellow. Because sherbaz is very rare name these days. Mr Sherbaz Muhammad your effort in this page is excellent and i wish you a great success in future.

    My name is Muhammad sherbaz ali. My subject is Mathematics and teaching in a college.
    you can message me on my email: sher_baz@live.com
    or can visit my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sherbaz555

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