Access Denied error while attaching the database files moved from Windows 2003 server to the new SQL instance on Windows 2008


It’s quite common that we use detach-attach method to migrated SQL server databases from Windows Server 2000 or 2003 to Windows server 2008. During this task, we might experience “Access Denied” error while trying to attach the databases to the new instance at Windows 2008. An access denied error sometimes occur when we try to bring a database online.


This is due to higher security measures implemented in Windows Server 2008/ Vista / 7. When the SQL Server service account and the DBA’s admin account does not have enough rights on the database file, this error would occur.


This can be fixed with two simple commands.

  1. TAKEOWN – This is to take ownership if files.
  2. ICACLS – This helps in changing the file level permissions like CHMOD command in UNIX.

To learn more on TAKEOWN, type “takeown /?” in command prompt and “icacls /?” for ICACLS.

The fix is as below.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing those migrated datafiles and log files.
  2. Take ownership of the file by executing below command.
  3. Update permission for the respective users on the files with below command.

Note: Replace the drive and directory path to the required values.