Interview Questions – Part II

  1. What are differences between a latch and a lock?
  2. What are the different states of an spid in SQL Server? Explain each state.
  3. What are workers in a SQL Server?
  4. How to reduce network usage by a query?
  5. Explain SOS_Scheduler_Yield wait type.
  6. What are CXPACKET waits? how to avoid that?
  7. Difference between a VAS and buffer pool?
  8. What are the different components of a SQL Engine? Explain how a SQL query is processed by SQL Server (Query lifecycle)?
  9. What are the different components of an RDBMS Engine?
  10. What are primitive and non-primitive way of DBMS functioning? In which type does the SQL server belong to?
  11. What are Memory Clerks?
  12. Explain SQLOS.

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