Error: Text Editor is not loading or showing up in WordPress – (Fixed)

I had a terrible issue with my wordpress website I was unable to submit any post for a long time because of this issue. Every time when I login to wordpress dashboard to post new tips, I see a blank text field as shown below which doesn’t even accept any input either.

Text Editor Error

How was it fixed?

This was seriously effecting my work and I couldn’t post or edit or update an already existing post either. Finally after few weeks of silence I decided to tweak this out. One fine weekend I started sorting out one by one.

  1. Cleared browser cache – No luck.
  2. Changed browsers and even tried on different systems and finally tried even on my Smartphone. – Same error was there everywhere.
  3. Then I checked the error that was displayed by internet explorer while loading the page. It says “tinyMCE is undefined”. This didn’t give any clue.
  4. Installed Web developer 1.1.9 add-on to my Mozilla firefox and then executed the new post page again. The web developer error console says “illegal character in wp-tinymce.php”. On clicking the error, the file popped up. I could find only some Unicode characters. So I felt like the files might have got corrupted. I tried replacing the file alone from a new downloaded wordpress-3.3.1 package. That didn’t fix it.
  5. I then took a backup of wp-admin and wp-includes folders, deleted those folders and then uploaded again from the freshly downloaded wordpress 3.3.1 zip file. Hurray! The issue got fixed. The text editor is now showing up and working fine.

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