Interview Questions – Part II

  1. What are differences between a latch and a lock?
  2. What are the different states of an spid in SQL Server? Explain each state.
  3. What are workers in a SQL Server?
  4. How to reduce network usage by a query?
  5. Explain SOS_Scheduler_Yield wait type.
  6. What are CXPACKET waits? how to avoid that?
  7. Difference between a VAS and buffer pool?
  8. What are the different components of a SQL Engine? Explain how a SQL query is processed by SQL Server (Query lifecycle)?
  9. What are the different components of an RDBMS Engine?
  10. What are primitive and non-primitive way of DBMS functioning? In which type does the SQL server belong to?
  11. What are Memory Clerks?
  12. Explain SQLOS.

Author: Sherbaz

Being a gadget enthusiast, He always felt good to try new programming languages and techniques. But never goes in-depth anywhere. was found when he tried php, html, javascript and mysql. Being an electronics engineer, he is also interested to build small gadgets and tools in embedded and digital electronics. As a profession, he handles microsoft sql server database and calls himself a database administrator

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