Installing SQL Server 2008 failover cluster in Windows 2008 R2 cluster


  1. SQL Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise/Developer edition install Media with Service pack 2.
  2. One IP address as SQL Cluster virtual IP and host-name as SQL Cluster virtual host-name. Our clients will have to use this host-name or IP to connect with this fail-over instance.
  3. One shared disk to place all our System DB files + error-logs etc
  4. Minimum two identical clustered Windows 2008 Servers.
  5. … Will be adding more. Couldn’t remember all of them at one shot. Please add any missed out points below as comments. Thanks in advance.


  1. Log-in to any one node and move all the cluster resources to that node.
  2. Navigate to the media directory and execute the below command. This is to make sure we don’t move all the SQL server binary files into C drive.
    setup.exe /ACTION=INSTALLFAILOVERCLUSTER /INSTALLSHAREDDIR=”J:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server” /INSTALLSHAREDWOWDIR=”J:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the setup wizard.

To be continue…

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